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The Labyrinth is a chatroom on the gaming site Kongregate. Our story reaches to immemorable times; times where the first chat rooms were erected. One of the original rooms created by Jim Greer, ours adorned the name of "Sandcastle" back then. The 17th of June of 2009, Shadow42 adopted the room. The 2nd of July of 2009, its owner renamed the room to "Discworld". The 17th of June of 2011,  Live2Die, later known as VforVendetta, took over the room. Shortly after, on the 12th July of 2011, he changed the name to "Purple Haze". Finally, the 25th of February of 2012, the ownership to the room was passed to MadJedi. Since the 17th March of 2012, the room is known as the "Labyrinth", a name proposed by VforVendetta. The 20th December of 2012, VforVendetta's named his room "Hourglass" by MadJedi's suggestion. Henceforth, Labyrinth and Hourglass were known as sister rooms.



Organized by Indy111 himself, the Midnight Wednesday Clue (MWC) happens each Wednesday midnight Greenwich time since the 27th June of 2012. Similar to the game 20 questions, the game master (which is always Indy) will start by saying what he's thinking of. Players are to narrow down possibles answers of what the game master is thinking of, such as "Is it red?" or "Larger than a dog?" By giving an incorrect answer, you are disqualified for that round, but not the entire match. Questions like "Does it rhyme with Bunited Bates of Bamerica?" is not allowed and will be ignored. 7 questions will be asked and a winner will be chosen. You recieve one point per correct answer.

Previous champions:Edit

Example Round:Edit

Indy111: I'm thinking of an animal.

Precarious: Is it a reptile?

Indy111: Yes

MadJedi: Is it Native to North America?

Indy111: No

MadJedi: Does it live in Asia?

Indy111: Yes

Precarious: Is it a giraffe?

Indy111: No

(Precarious is not able to answer for that round)

TheRagingGamer: Is it a komodo dragon?

Indy111: Yes

MadJedi: Lucky guess.

(TheRagingGamer now has 1 point and a new round starts)

Midnight Friday Trivia Edit

Since its first appearance on the 9th March of 2011, the Midnight Friday Trivia takes place each Friday midnight Greenwich time. Although quiz topics may vary, the structure remains the same; twelve questions are asked, one winner emerges.

Previous champions:Edit

Tournament of A-maze-ing gamers (Hiatus: 19/08/2012 - undetermined)Edit

Since it first took place the 18th May of 2012, the Tournament of A-maze-ing gamers became a weekly event, opposing players against each other in order to single out the best of the best in various multiplayer games each Sunday. In order to accomodate most people, the tournament is divided in two sessions: One that happens at 4:00PM Greenwich time and another that happens at 10:00PM Greenwich time.

Elements (20/05/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: Icamefromanegg

Platform Racing 2 (27/05/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: Bob10110
Winner of the second session:

Castle Wars 2 (03/06/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: MadJedi

ShellShock Live (10/06/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: BurstBadger
Winner of the second session: BurstBadger

Buggle Connect (17/06/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: Madjedi
Winner of the second session: Indy111

VortexWars (24/06/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: MadJedi

UMAG (01/07/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session:

Transformice (08/07/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: Cllazyman
Winner of the second session:

AfterWind (15/07/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: Gunsablazing2

Brotherhood of Battle Multiplayer (22/07/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: Sickman45

Zilch (29/07/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: Indy111
Winner of the second session:

Castle Wars 1 (05/08/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: Lebossle
Winner of the second session:

Chess (12/08/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session:

Bad Eggs Online (19/08/2012)Edit

Winner of the first session: MadJedi
Winner of the second session: MadJedi

README - Game suggestions? Any multiplayer games you'd like to play in next week's tournament? Don't be shy to speak up and suggest some! The only requirement is that the game must be fair to new and old users alike.

Official Labyrinth NationStates profileEdit

NationStates is a text-based political simulation online game in which the player can decide on their countries' policies to shape their nation. Created the 24th of November of 2012 by T6salt'ssuggestion, KLabyrinth is our room's official NationStates profile. For three months, every chatter was invited to vote on in-game issues to determine the sociopolitical angle the profile took. You may see the results of the experiment by clicking the profile link.

Labyrinth ModsEdit

This account acts as a list for all active moderator residents of the room, which are:

  • uuu2 (Occasional visitor)

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Fun momentsEdit

Johanna_T: My nose is cryinggg

Tecnoturc: tell your nose it will be okay

Johanna_T: -sniffle sniffleeeeeee- ;c

MachuPichu: Sucks to have a depressed nose

Maik50: I never get quoted in labyrinth wiki :(

Johanna_T: Jedi, Jedi, get me a kitten :C

MadJedi: *Gives moderator kitteh*

Johanna_T: Kitteeh! :D:D

eProdigy: *snatches kitty*

Johanna_T: Dun touch my kitteh :C

eProdigy: I can touch your pussy whenever I want.

eProdigy: …

eProdigy: That came out wrong

Blunt: lol I'm going to end up using half a box of tissue this morning

Blunt: -_-

Blunt: i might need to go to the doctor also

FinnishPWNER: What time is it there?

Icamefromanegg: only half?

Blunt: im waking up with so much mucus tearing up my tummy giving me the3 shits, blowing out what feels like the amount my brain would take up in my head

Blunt: its

Blunt: 10:44am here

Icamefromanegg: wait if you're a boob then your 'nose running' must mean you're lactating.. you're preggerz?

Blunt: lol

Blunt: yes little booblets on the way

Icamefromanegg: BOOBLETS

Icamefromanegg: sounds so cute

Icamefromanegg: :3

Blunt: *prepair to drop the cluster boob

scchsdrumline: hey eggy and drumline

Icamefromanegg: You are drumline..

MadJedi: Hi drumline and mr.mod

Icamefromanegg: All humans come from eggs

Icamefromanegg: :}

rjr001234: 'lo Jedi.

MadJedi: What egg said

MadJedi: Hello rjr

Moshdef: pfft, I guess

MadJedi: What are ovaries?

Moshdef: isn't that where Eagles nest?

MadJedi: Maybe

Icamefromanegg: Wanna go out sometime?

frank101: Yes!

Icamefromanegg: not you frank

Icamefromanegg: you’re married

Icamefromanegg: :/

Icamefromanegg: I don’t date married men

Icamefromanegg: Unless they’re really hot

frank101: I will break up with my wife if I can go out with you egg!

frank101: Danmit, my wife saw that

adv0catus: I was going to make a gay joke, butt **** it.


MadJedi: I can't stand cripple jokes


frank101: I was going to make a joke about my dick, but it is to long.

MadJedi: I hate 9/11 jokes

MadJedi: They are just plane wrong

frank101: :p

frank101: Ok guys, enough with the gay jokes guys, cum on.


MadJedi: I have a great joke about immortality

MadJedi: It never gets old

NowItsZacc: LMFAO

ExiledGentleman: I would tell you guys a joke about Casey Anthony, but my mom would kill me!

frank101: :p Lol

frank101: I was going to tell you a joke about my dick, but it is too hard to think about.

MadJedi: I was going to tell a bank joke

MadJedi: But I lost interest

MadJedi: The difference between "He hit on her" and "He hit her" is so slim :S

MadJedi: Another proof love and hate are so close

NowItsZacc: Same with "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse" and "I helped my uncle jack off a horse"

DarkElementX: lol I see what you did there :D

ExiledGentleman: Same with "I love MadJedi" and "I don't love MadJedi"

darthme: Or "Let's eat, grandpa!" or "Let's eat grandpa!"

NowItsZacc: Lmao Darth

MadJedi: Grandpa meat isn't as tender though :S

MadJedi: I speak from experience

MadJedi: I mean...uh...nvm

darthme: >:D

ExiledGentleman: Yeah, you have to get em when they're young.

insanemage113: hi

MadJedi: Yep, you have to eat grandpas when they're young. That's why you shouldn't have sex at a young age, kids. To avoid having children prematurely, becoming a young grandpa and ending up eaten!

ExiledGentleman: Lolol

insanemage113: haha 

hamuka: Mind if I ask what is colloidal silver good for?

AdeebNafees: Oops, ignore that.

hamuka: lol

AdeebNafees: Well...

AdeebNafees: Colloids are good at absorbing water.

AdeebNafees: And Silver is good at being scum...

hamuka: LOL

DarkTacoZ: if you played Legend of Pandora please tell me how much left of the game is after you get the pushing manual

LethalMutiny: A lot.

Blizzard2000: A lot

Blizzard2000: lol ninja.

LethalMutiny: Lol ninja

LethalMutiny: FUUUUU

DarkTacoZ: lol ninja

Blizzard2000: XD

LethalMutiny: That's quotable too lol

Wiggles96: Owned.

Tomatoman: both ninjas involved a period that the other lacked

Nemiflora: double ninja..

Blizzard2000: Yeah

Maik50: Alright you landlubbers. Dig out yer spyglasses and climb into your lookouts. For today is talk like scurvy pirate day. Sail ho! Don't be an addled bilge-sucking landlubber for we don't know mercy and we know dead men tell no tales. Reel your Jolly…

Maik50: Roger or you shall find yourselves from Davy Jones' locker

Jaskaran2000: ...

Jaskaran2000: Filled the enitre chat with a load of bullcrap.

Jaskaran2000: Work well done :D

GameKultist: get the straitjacket...Maik's off his meds again.

championmonsters: YA MAD BRO

MadJedi: YA IM MAD

Kwadwo195: I hate it when people say Africans speak like fghgkdsgfdhgf. It's annoying, usually the Americans.

akeresh: hugh?

inkyvoyd: fghgkdsgfdhgf?

Wiggles96: Lols

akeresh: ^

Indy111: I hate stereotypes like that! At least I speak Japanese. desu desu kore wa desu kawaii~

inkyvoyd: lol^^

Kwadwo195: LOL

duder1213: lmao

aturtledoesbite: XD

MadJedi: I like kittens.

ScaleTheWalls: Does it involve pirates?

Indy111: It does not involve pirates.

epikkill: noooooooooooooo

Precarious: Does it involve ogres?

Indy111: It does involve ogres

TheRagingGamer: Shrek

IAmRetard: Shrek.

ScaleTheWalls: Shrek

Precarious: Shrek

TheRagingGamer: HAHAHAHA

ScaleTheWalls: DAMKMIT

Indy111: lawl

IAmRetard: ...

Precarious: Goddammit

IAmRetard: ****

BestMte: Shrek 2

IAmRetard: Bloody ****

Indy111: It is not Shrek

IAmRetard: lol best IAmRetard: ...

TheRagingGamer: OHHHHSHI

IAmRetard: God. Dammit.

Precarious: ahahahaha

ScaleTheWalls: Everyone had their finger on enter :/

Indy111: TheRagingGamer, IAmRetard, ScaleTheWalls, Precarious, and BestMte are dq'd

IAmRetard: ikr

ScaleTheWalls: LOL

TheRagingGamer: I think I know what it is

IAmRetard: Everyone playing got DQ'd lol

ScaleTheWalls: lololol